Since a couple of years, NE is also working as a composer of music in a more classical style, as well as film music.

The orchestral piece "The Magic Flight" is a nice example of his epic style.

Among the films the Irish "The Man Inside" is noticable. It has won several awards around the world.

The Swedish/Danish short movie "Carry a Couch" was on display in Cannes 2015 and won the Maverick Movie Award in the USA.

NE also writes choral pieces för Fredrikskyrkan in Karlskrona, the Maria Choir in Västerås Dome, Ensemble 96 in Oslo and the choirs of Worcester and Exeter Cathedrals in England.

"The Magic Flight" by NE

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Scene from "Carry a Couch"

Directed by Nille Leander

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A longer movie clip from The Man Inside

Directed by Rory Bresnihan

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