"Revelations for a Piano"


It all began when Nils Erikson was old enough to climb the piano bench. Four years old, he wrote the melody for ”Sun Games”, and since then things have just advanced.

- The piano is my portal to new and unknown worlds, he says. I never really know where I’m going. It has been an inexhaustible source of energy throughout my entire life.

In 2008, after several critically acclaimed pop-albums, big productions and two Swedish Grammy-nominations, the instrumental piano-album ”Secrets for a Piano” was released, and Groove Magazine gave it a rave: 

”Maybe the word masterpiece is a mouthful, but that is really how I feel for this album […] The simple truth is that Nils Erikson never sounded better.”

Finally, a sequel has arrived. The new album ”Revelations for a Piano” picks up on ”Secrets … ” and the listener is invited to follow Nils Erikson on his musical journeys, with soothing pieces in an impressionist style. The album was instantly No. 1 on Apple Musics classsical album top list.

And just like in real life, it starts with ”Sun Games”, the first and last bars performed exactly the way they used to – so many years ago.

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