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After the critically acclaimed solo piano debut Secrets for a Piano, and the follow up Revelations for a Piano that hit No 1 on Apples Music classical top list, the third album in this series of impressionist music is finally here.

On Confessions for a Piano, Nils Erikson, twice nominated for a Swedish Grammy Award, takes his compositions even further, with a more complex and exploring style.

The album is released on reel-to-reel tape only. Read more here and email Nils Erikson directly for any questions or to order.

The album is also published as sheet music on Raven Music Editions.

Watch teaser video here!https://youtu.be/btD0gZHbltw

" ... groundbreaking beauty not heard since Ravel ..."

- Martin Romberg, composer and publisher, on Confessions for a Piano

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